Praise for the author's previous work:
"Multiply everything sad, sordid and hopelessly romantic about the City by a factor of ten, and you've got Richard Russo's San Francisco of the mid-21st century . . . Russo is mining a classic American vein."
—Ursula K. Le Guin

"Russo has an excellent eye for the urban landscape [and] the crime writer's well-tuned ear for
vernacular . . ." —Asimov's Science Fiction Magazine

"For several years now I've felt as if I had a secret . . . So this collection particularly pleases me because the secret has been Richard Paul Russo's short fiction."
—From the Introduction by Karen Joy Fowler,
winner of the World Fantasy Award

Richard Paul Russo has won the Philip K. Dick Award and has been shortlisted for England's prestigious Arthur C. Clarke Award for his novel-length work. He now treats us to his first short story collection, Terminal Visions.
Through the fourteen stories in this collection, we have a front row seat from which to observe the transitory visions of Richard Paul Russo.

". . . No one creates landscapes with Richard's stunning economy of words. A few strokes—and a whole world emerges just out of sight, illusive, but utterly persuasive."
—Karen Joy Fowler

From gritty alien encounters to the ultimate road story, the author transports us into a reality of his own making and, quite often, his characters' undoing. The Russo vision can be a bleak one—no happy endings here!—in which we experience the potential hopelessness of the human condition.

"[His characters are] struggling with problems that are touchingly human-sized. No one in a Richard Paul Russo story thinks he is saving the world, though with luck, with help, he might survive it."
—Karen Joy Fowler

Each of these stories serves as a metaphor for a rite of passage—and as the protagonist passes through, so too does the reader. And Russo's gift that he so graciously bestows upon us is to show us how compassion and creativity enable the human spirit to rise above sadness and despair.
Of these fourteen stories, eleven of them are set here on Earth—and Richard Paul Russo's Earth can be far more alien than that of other worlds. These stories will resonate in your mind—and within your soul—long after that last page is turned, and the book closed.

Cover art by Nicholas Jainschigg.

"The stories in Terminal Visions are skillful and quirky and truly quite marvelous, from the transdimensional carjacker to the madly flying window washer, and if the mood often smells of despair, it is redeemed by a final eager, what-the-hell grasp for the brass ring . . . Spend the money. You'll be glad you did."
—Tom Easton, Analog, September 2000

Cloth, ISBN 0-9655901-3-5
Book #7

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