Table of Contents

The Secrets of VanderMeer
by Jeffrey Ford

Secret Life

Flight Is for Those Who
Have Not Yet Crossed Over

The Bone Carver's Tale

The Sea, Mendeho, and Moonlight

The Festival of the Freshwater Squid

The General Who Is Dead

Ghost Dancing with
Manco Tupac

Learning to Leave the Flesh


Detectives and Cadavers

Exhibit H:
Torn Pages Discovered
in the Vest Pocket of
an Unidentified Tourist

Black Duke Blues

The Emperor's Reply

The Compass of His Bones

Balzac's War

A Heart for Lucretia

London Burning

Corpse Mouth and
Spore Nose

The Machine


The Mansions of the Moon
(A Cautionary Tale)

The City

Experiment #25 from
the Book of Winter:
The Croc and You

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