(Science Fiction) Chronicle Review

Two Trains Running by Lucius Shepard, Golden Gryphon, 2004, $22.95, ISBN 1-930846-23-1

This slender collection results from the author's research into the lives of those who travel the rails, hopping freights to travel around the country. The article whose commission sparked this effort is included, along with two novelettes that draw on that material. One of these, "Jailbait," is pretty good, but the other, "Over Yonder," is so excellent that it overshadows everything else in the collection. The protagonist boards a train that takes him right out of this world, into another universe filled with wondrous creatures and magical events. It reminded me at times of William Hope Hodgson, if Hodgson's prose had been much better than it was. This one's a real treat.

— Don D'Ammassa, Chronicle, April 2004


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