Analog Review

Threshold Shift,
Eric Brown,
Golden Gryphon,
218 + xii pp.
(ISBN: 1930846436)

Eric Brown is a British writer who is too little known in this country. For evidence to support the claim, see Threshold Shift, a collection of ten short stories and novelettes, half of them from Interzone. One, “The Touch of Angels,” is original to the book; it is one of three of Brown’s “Kéthani” stories. The Kéthani are aliens who came to Earth and offered a kind of resurrection. People wear an implant which, when they die, permits them to be brought back to life in a new body. At that point, they are given a choice: return to Earth, or go to other worlds as an emissary of the aliens. The stories are set in the English countryside, among ordinary people who must face complex decisions: In “Thursday’s Child,” a separated couple has a daughter with a fatal disease. Should she get the implant? The mother’s religious beliefs forbid. The father insists. But both parents must sign the permission form. And oh, yes, fake implants that don’t work are appearing on the market. In “The Kéthani Inheritance,” a son must face the prospect of his abusive father returning instead of conveniently vanishing upon his death.

I enjoyed the book. May you also.

— Tom Easton, "The Reference Library," Analog Science Fiction and Fact


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