Booklist Review

Brown, Eric. Threshold Shift. Sept. 2006. 218p. Golden Gryphon, $24.95 (1-930846-43-6).

"The Children of Winter" opens Brown's collection with a tale of love between members of alien species taught to despise each other, and of the discovery, after years of ignorance, of a terrible truth. "Thursday's Child," "The Kéthani Inheritance," and "The Touch of Angels"—set in Brown's Kéthani world, in which the alien Kéthani have come to Earth and offered eternal life through implants that bring people back after death—detail the consequences of human mistrust of the strange and new, and the implications of life-after-death. In the volume closer, "The Hunting of the Slarque," a wealthy man brings Hunter back from death to capture the creature that killed him: the last descendent of a sentient species on the planet Tartarus, which orbits a sun about to go nova. Brown's stories (there are six more, one coauthored by Stephen Baxter), with their focuses on the effects of the extraordinary on everyday people, make for most satisfying reading.

—Regina Schroeder, Booklist, September 15, 2006


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