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Publishers Weekly 2006-08-07

Threshold Shift
Brown, Eric (Author)

ISBN: 1930846436
Golden Gryphon Press
Published 2006-09
Hardcover, $24.95 (265p)
Fiction | Science Fiction | Short Stories

The 10 stories in this collection from British author Brown (Engineman) thoughtfully address questions of morality, life and death while creating deeply personal worlds. Two of the best are "The Children of Winter," about a first contact gone awry and its repercussion years later, and "Hunting the Slarque," about a man brought back from death who hunts down the creature that killed him. Death — or its absence — weaves together three stories set in a post-first contact Earth where the alien Kéthani have abolished death, including "The Kéthani Inheritance," in which a man has to come to terms with his resurrected, abusive father, and "Thursday's Child," in which a terminally ill girl's parents fight over whether to give her the implant that would guarantee her immortality. While some readers may feel the stories stop short of a full resolution, all can appreciate the graceful writing.(Sept.)

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