Asimov's Review

. . . Golden Gryphon Press regales us with two fine collections in their ongoing attempt to single-handedly span the entire range of living SF meistersingers. From George Zebrowski comes Swift Thoughts (hardcover, $24.95, 311 pages, ISBN 1-930846- 08-8), graced by a beauteous Bob Eggleton cover and representing three decades of Zebrowski's alternately cool and fevered lucubrations. The range here is impressive, from the slapstick alien invasion of Curly Howard-lookalikes in "Stooges" to the philosophical intricacies of the title story and others such as "Gödel's Doom." Echoing and even prefiguring such peers as Charles Harness, Poul Anderson, and Greg Egan, Zebrowski proves he is intimately engaged with both the social currents of our era and the timeless verities of the cosmos. Like Feynman playing bongo drums, Zebrowski is a blend of wild heart and cool brains.

— Paul Di Filippo, Asimov's, February 2003


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