San Francisco Chronicle Review

Dale Bailey's first collection of short fiction, The Resurrection Man's Legacy (Golden Gryphon; 332 pages; $24.95) might remind some readers of the early work of Ray Bradbury, but with a tougher, more contemporary edge.

In the title story, a boy initially resents the automaton that has been purchased to replace his dead father, until the machine starts to teach him about baseball. "Cockroach" explicates every first-time father's worst nightmares about pregnancy, and "Death and Suffrage" explores the consequences of granting voting rights to zombies. The rural British myth of the Green Man and Andrew Marvell's "To His Coy Mistress" combine in "In Green's Dominion," a tale of a professor of literature who discovers an unsettling new passion late in her life.

Bailey, author of "The Fallen" and "House of Bones," has a knack for constructing stories in which family secrets rise up decades later to thwart characters or cause them to see their predicaments in a new light. These are stories not likely to be forgotten, and they are likely to spur readers to hunt down Bailey's other work.

— Michael Berry, San Francisco Chronicle, Sunday, January 18, 2004


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