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Most of the 11 stories in this collection were first published in the Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction and read like it. That is, their style is quite polished, and their quality is uniformly high. Let it be said that Bailey has been writing for at least a decade, that his content and style have been compared to those of the late Theodore Sturgeon, and that all these stories make extensive use of description and emphasize the characters' feelings as much as their actions. Then there is his versatility: "The Resurrection Man's Legacy" is an exercise in nostalgia for the sf of an older era; "Death and Suffrage" is about coming-of-age and gun control; "Exodus" is hard-science sf; and "In Green's Dominion" calls upon the ancient English mythic figure of fertility, the Green Man. In general, this is a batch of stories appealing more to the fans of "literary" sf and fantasy than readers whose tastes run to a particular flavor (military, hard science, swords and sorcery, etc.) of sf and fantasy.

— Frieda Murray, Booklist

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