Locus Magazine Review

Mere, Robert Reed (Golden Gryphon) September 2004.

"Robert Reed is at his best in his stories of the Great Ship — the venue of his novels Marrow (2000) and The Well of Stars (forthcoming), and of several striking novellas. The rule holds true with Mere, a novelette published by Golden Gryphon as part of their chapbook series. Featuring "Mere," a quasi-immortal and uniquely expert xenologist slated for centrality in The Well of Stars, the tale relates her astonishing passage through the millennia — her birth in the aftermath of the accident that destroys a starship; centuries spent in a casket sailing precariously through the void; her marooning on an alien world whose intelligent denizens worship her as a god; an impending collision of suns; and much more. Reed invests this miniature epic of solitude with such empathy, such remorseless elegiac fury, that reading Mere is like purgation by fire. It is far-future anthropological SF of the highest order."

— Nick Gevers, Locus, October 2004


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