Booklist Review

H. P. Lovecraft's place in the annals of horror fiction is permanent. His tales of ancient evils including the horrible occult spellbook, the Necronomicon, and the Great Old Ones—huge, malevolent extraterrestrials who have menaced humanity since time immemorial—are pillars of the genre. Editor Turner presents 18 short stories directly influenced by HPL; true to their inspiration, they vary greatly in quality, from Peter Tremayne's rather clumsy "Daoine Domhain" to Fritz Lieber's wonderfully wrought "A Bit of the Dark World." The majority, however, are well enough written and should deliver a delicious shiver to most readers. Other entries are "Crouch End" by Stephen King, in which a tourist disappears in a strange little English village; "The Perseids" by Robert Charles Wilson, which describes a curious human evolutionary utility; and a parody of HPL's life by Ron Goulart.

—Eric Robbins, Booklist, September 15, 1998


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