Subterranean Magazine Review

A week without a dose or two of good, short fiction is like a day without vitamins — you might be able to survive, but you won't feel as peppy as you otherwise would. Two recent releases from Golden Gryphon press — Attack of the Jazz Giants by Gregory Frost (Golden Gryphon/344 pages/$25.95) and Live! From Planet Earth by George Alec Effinger (Golden Gryphon/363 pages/$25.95) — bear out that philosophy quite well. The Frost collection, illustrated by Jason Van Hollander (who did the extraordinary, wraparound cover) offers up 14 terrific tales, like "Madonna of the Maquiladora," which takes on religion and big business, "Collecting Dust," a surrealistic allegory of sorrow and anger in which a child tries to save his dysfunctional family from their doom, the title story in which a plantation owner and head of the local KKK is destroyed by enormous musical instruments that materialize out of thin air, and "In the Sunken Museum," a nightmarish story that explains the last, mysterious days and hours of Edgar Allen Poe. Frost is one of those delightfully unpredictable fantasists whose stories are all over the map.

. . .

— Dorman T. Shindler, Subterranean Magazine #2, 2005


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