Midwest Book Review Bookwatch

Golden Gryphon Press
3002 Perkins Road, Urbana, IL 61802

Golden Gryphon's high-quality productions result in picks which can be recommended across the board, and their latest publications are no exception.

. . .

Gregory Frost's ATTACK OF THE JAZZ GIANTS AND OTHER STORIES (1930846347, $25.95) also provides a powerful short story collection: this crossing history and alternative history to examine monsters both psychic and real, and to introduce the reader to a set of dream worlds which make you think about wonder and human efforts in the face of the impossible.

. . .

All are powerful, excellent reads.

— Midwest Book Review Bookwatch, November 2005

[Note: The three other titles included in this review are Richard Bowes's From the Files of the Time Rangers, George Alec Effinger Live! From Planet Earth, and William F. Nolan's Wild Galaxy.]


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