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Nolan, William F. Wild Galaxy: Selected Science Fiction Stories. Apr. 2005. 199p. Golden Gryphon, $25.95 (1-930846-31-2).

Nolan is best known as the author of the basis of the classic sf movie Logan's Run, which has now been remade. He has written sf for more than 50 years, and this collection, introduced by a cogent autobiographical essay, attempts to representatively sample his sf stories from 1954 to 2001. "Freak" opens the book and reflects the themes of Logan's Run. "The Grackel Question," "The Day the Gorf Took Over," and "The Mating of Thurdburt," however, reflect what Nolan justifiably calls his "zany" mode and showcase his command of humorous sf. Other noteworthy tales include "The Joy of Living," an early (1954) android story (the subject crops up elsewhere in Nolan's work; see "Mating"); "The Small World of Lewis Stillman," which uses L.A.'s storm drains more effectively than anything else this side of the movie Them; and "Violation," which deals with traffic cops through the eyes of an author who collected a good many speeding tickets during 15 years in auto racing as writer and driver.

YA/L: A fine choice for reluctant sf/fantasy readers. CO.

— Roland Green, Booklist, April 15, 2005

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