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Far more innovative is Jeffrey Ford's collection The Fantasy Writer's Assistant and Other Stories (Golden Gryphon, $23.95), a book full of haunting surprises and anamorphic perspectives. Winner of the 1998 World Fantasy Award for his first novel, The Physiognomy, Ford has been hailed since his first appearance as a fantastic writer. His fiction shares the visual clarity and precision of Roald Dahl's work, but without the ugliness of Dahl's inventions. From the kinetic adventures of "Exo-Skeleton Town" and the famishing character sketch of "The Woman Who Counts Her Breath" to the moodily fantastical "Creation" and the nearly ungraspable "Pansolapia," Ford's visions are elusive, tantalizing the reader with hidden implications yet raw with autobiographical pain. Ford's sentimental, exalted prose demands more than one reading.

— Fiona Kelleghan

Sunday, August 25, 2002; Page BW05
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