Asimov's Review

Kevin Anderson shows us a wide range of styles, topics, and subgenres in his assemblage of eighteen stories titled Dogged Persistence (Golden Gryphon, hardcover, $25.95, 303 pages, ISBN 1-930846-03-7). Many of these fine pieces occupy historical landscapes (Victorian or Elizabethan England, Shogunate Japan, Tsarist Russia) with tactile solidity, while others inhabit future venues just as tangible. (The title story, my favorite here, has to be one of the best nanotech tales around.) Several collaborations show Anderson adapting his fluid talents to other voices (his story set in Frank Herbert's Dune universe; one that sequelizes Harlan Ellison's famous Outer Limits teleplay "Soldier"; and one with rock'n'roll musician Neil Peart). But whether a solo outing or one with his peers, an Anderson story always features his trademarks of cool rationalism, cogent ideas, and suspenseful pacing.

—Paul Di Filippo, Asimov's, May 2002


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