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Golden Gryphon's second Lupoff collection includes sf, fantasy, horror, and mystery stories, some of which resist easy classification as just one of the above. "A Freeway for Dracula" deals with the Vietnam War, while "The Devil's Hop Yard" and "The Turret" are Lovecraft pastiches of the high quality that has come to be expected of Lupoff. "Whatever Happened to Nick Neptune?," one of his better-known stories, reflects his long years as a collector of pulp magazines and other stuff, while "The Adventures of the Boulevard Assassin" employs the voice of Jack Kerouac in a Sherlock Holmes pastiche, and "You Don't Know Me, Charlie" is at once a good hard-boiled detective story and a good satire of that genre. Lupoff is more adept at the short story than at the novel, so hurrah for Golden Gryphon for rescuing his work from the here today, gone tomorrow limbo of periodical publication.

— Roland Green

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