Science Fiction Chronicle

Claremont Tales II by Richard A. Lupoff, Golden Gryphon, 2/02, $23.95, ISBN 1-930846-07-X

This is about as varied a single author collection as you're likely to find. The second volume of Lupoff's short fiction from this publisher includes a Lovecraftian pastiche, a hard-boiled detective story, a more traditional mystery, science fiction including a couple of alternate history stories, offbeat fantasy, and other diversions. Read here to find out the consequences of the world's longest urination, or to find out what it might have been like if Jack Kerouac had decided to write a Sherlock Holmes story, or what happened in Dunwich after Wilber Whately and his brother died. What would the world be like if the Roman Empire had never fallen? What happens if the power of imagination transforms the world? How do you foil a cult that believes that the best way to prevent evil is to kill everyone so that no one will ever be tempted? These stories are so varied that it feels almost as though I was dipping into several different books by varying writers. They're drawn from the breadth of Lupoff's career as a writer. You may not like every story in the book, but you're certainly going to enjoy the majority, no matter which way your tastes run.

—Don D'Ammassa, Science Fiction Chronicle, March 2002


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