Booklist Review

Lupoff, Richard A. Claremont Tales. Apr. 2001. 290p. Golden Gryphon, $23.95 (1-930846-00-2).

Lupoff has been more active as a critic than as a fiction writer during much of a long career, and his stories have fallen deeper into a bibliographical black hole than is commonly the case for short sf. For instance, the lead story here, "Black Mist," had its first and until now only publication in an early, now-vanished e-zine. Altogether, the 12 stories in the book show real mastery and versatility, none more than "At Vega's Taqueria" and the paired stories, "Mr. Greene and the Monster" and "The Monster and Mr. Green." "Documents in the Case of Elizabeth Akeley" and "Discovery of the Ghooric Zone" demonstrate Lupoff's flair for the Lovecraft pastiche, especially the psychological substrata of Lovecraft's work, even better than his well-received novel-length Lovecraftiana does. An autobiographical introduction fills in the background of this gifted writer who has mostly kept out of the limelight.

—Roland Green, Booklist, April 15, 2001


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