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Budayeen Nights
George Alec Effinger,
Golden Gryphon,$24.95, 236 pp.
(ISBN: 1930846193)

The late George Alec Effinger earned considerable renown in his day (1947-2002), not least for his tales of Marid Audran, heir in training to great-grandpa Friedlander Bey, lord of crime and data. Marid, once just another bit of flotsam on the streets, has been raised to power and wealth and some involvement in his mentorís intrigues. Now he must survive the intrigues of the Budayeen, the low-life district of a future Arabian city. Drugs are easily available, strippers are rated on their "body-mods," and personalities, databases, and slices of othersí lives can be plugged into oneís brain rather like video game disks. Political and other schemes provide plenty of plot grist. I reviewed the three Budayeen novels here – When Gravity Fails in September 1987, A Fire in the Sun in January 1990, and The Exile Kiss in October 1991. There were also a number of short stories, of which four – including the unpublished "Marid Throws a Party" – appear in Budayeen Nights. One of the other three is the award-winning "Schrodingerís Kitten." There are five more tales as well, all memorable, and Barbara Hamblyís introduction to tell you a bit about who George was.

— Tom Easton, "The Reference Library," Analog Science Fiction and Fact

"The Reference Library" copyright © 2003, Tom Easton


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