Chronicle Review

"The seventeen stories in this collection span most of Bishop's career and the only thing at all surprising is that the quality level is so consistently high right from the outset. If you haven't read it before, the book is worth its price just for the novelette "The Tigers of Hysteria Feed Only on Themselves." The stories are predominantly SF but there's some fantasy and even a bit of supernatural horror, a story of the reanimated dead, although not the lurching zombies you might expect, as well as an unconventional ghost story. There's a story about dinosaurs and another about the connection between love and death, and another about murder in an alien habitat and yet another about an afflicted actor. One original story is a speculation about the terrorist attack on NYC. Most of these stories appeared in markets not accessible to most readers, so the bulk of the collection should be new. Whether you're experiencing them for the first time or visiting with old friends, you won't find many collections as uniformly superior as this one."

— Don D'Ammassa, Chronicle, June 2003


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