Locus Magazine Review

The Atrocity Archives, Charles Stross (Golden Gryphon Press) May 2004.

Finally: two years ago, Charles Stross's The Atrocity Archive, serialized in Spectrum SF, attracted favorable notice; now, Golden Gryphon Press is at last issuing the novel in hardcover format, together with a novella-length sequel, duly pluralizing the original title as The Atrocity Archives. The bonus short novel, "The Concrete Jungle," takes the same scapegrace hero and narrator, Bob Howard, back into the domain of a British intelligence establishment battling at all times to protect the UK from predatory incursions by Lovecraftian monstrosities lurking in mathematically-defined alternate dimensions. A technological application of the petrifying stare of gorgons and basilisks is doing the rounds; intrigues between departments of the Top Secret "Laundry" bureaucracy may be upping the murderous ante; as before, Howard resolves the crisis, but is little closer to understanding what the real stakes may be in the ongoing supernatural war. His humorous puzzlement and fatalistic irreverence lend an hilarious luster to a narrative as inventively sinister as the original Archive.

— Nick Gevers, Locus, May 2004


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