Locus Magazine Review

The Angel in the Darkness, Kage Baker (Golden Gryphon Press) October 2003.

The latest in Golden Gryphon Press's series of novella chapbooks is The Angel in the Darkness, a fresh entry in Kage Baker's long running and increasingly involving "Company" sequence. Especially interesting here is the indirect manner in which Baker approaches the matter of the time-traveling Company and its theft, or retrieval, of cultural treasures from across the ages: Maria Aguilar is an ordinary middle-aged citizen of 1990s California, and she only gradually becomes aware of logically impossible manipulations, occurring in the periphery of her sight. The Angel in the Darkness is, in essence, the deftly condensed saga of an unassuming family that happens, unwittingly, to be central to a murderous intrigue within the ranks of the Company's agents and enforcers. Baker handles this clash of the outré with the normal with humor and humanity, and throws a provocative light on the moral dilemmas of immortality.

— Nick Gevers, Locus, January 2004


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