Table of Contents

The "Shadow" over Lovecraft
by Jim Turner

(alphabetically by author)

Weird Tales
by Fred Chappell

The Land of the Reflected Ones
by Nancy A. Collins

Sensible City
by Harlan Ellison

Ralph Wollstonecraft Hedge:
A Memoir
by Ron Goulart

Crouch End
by Stephen King

The Events at Poroth Farm
by T. E. D. Klein

A Bit of the Dark World
by Fritz Leiber

The Shadow at the Bottom of the World
by Thomas Ligotti

The Turret
by Richard A. Lupoff

The Golden Keeper
by Ian R. MacLeod

Her Misbegotten Son
by Alan Rodgers

The Ocean and all Its Devices
by William Browning Spencer

Daoine Domhain
by Peter Tremayne

Black as the Pit,
from Pole to Pole
by Steven Utley and
Howard Waldrop

The Giant Rat of Sumatra
by Paula Volsky

To Mars and Providence
by Don Webb

The Perseids
by Robert Charles Wilson

The Other Dead Man
by Gene Wolfe

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