"While there's hard science content [in Landis's stories], there's also a rich emotionalism. Lots of science fiction is bright clever ideas. In Geoff's case, the bright clever idea is supported by the emotional life of the story. He writes about science and the scientific world from a humanistic slant."
—Gardner Dozois

Geoffrey A. Landis is the author of over fifty short stories and novelettes, of which many have been nominated for Hugo and Nebula Awards, with one winning each award. As a Ph.D. physicist working on the NASA Mars project, he has ample opportunity for inspiration for his fiction. This collection of his short stories, Landis's first, contains most of his award-nominated and award-winning stories, including the Hugo winner "A Walk in the Sun," a surreal survivor story set on Luna. The cover art is based on the story "Into the Blue Abyss," where the seas of Uranus are explored. In "Approaching Perimelasma," a fantastic voyage into a black hole, past the theoretical point of no return, is described. Other stories deal with a space freighter and its encounter with space pirates, the "marsforming" of Mars, mathematical theorems from a very unlikely source, how Sherlock Holmes deals with a parasitic alien, the horrors of a hopeless war, virtual-reality war, and other diverse realities. The unifying theme behind these stories is the science that Landis employs to flavor his stories, and the humanization he adds.

Landis's background in physics, astronomy and his personal experience on NASA's Mars project adds a level of science to science fiction that is rarely seen. His stories can be fanciful, but the scientific basis is so strong that one can easily believe that one is reading a news report from the future, rather than contemporary fiction.

With an introduction by Hugo, Nebula, and World Fantasy Award-winning author Joe Haldeman. Cover art by Hugo and Chesley Award-winning artist Bob Eggleton.

Cloth, ISBN 1-930846-06-1
Book #16

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