"What makes Watson stand out from the crowd is the freedom of his imagination. His forte is ideas, the more mind-bending, the better. He is an explorer into the nature of consciousness. His quest into non-ordinary awareness leads to a magnificent transcendence of the mundane, to an appreciation of the multidimensional experience of reality."
— J. G. Ballard

Ian Watson combines science fiction and fantasy into an eclectic mix that includes stories about fallen angels in Hell rebelling and mounting a breakout, about the inconvenience of keeping aging parents in your brain instead of a nursing home, about Jesusí immortal brother as solo passenger on the first starship, about alien coffins bombarding the solar system, about right-wing U.S. militias stealing a quantum computer to commit nuclear blackmail, about a computer-games designer haunted by the cyber-ghost of his murdered wife, about frozen heads and strange mind-changes, and how a cake decorator defeats a vampire with a sweet tooth. De-evolution, treasure-hunting via hang-glider, dark animal fantasies, humanity as a hive-entity, Hercules Poirot on a starship—Watson takes the strange, the eerie, the weird, mixes in his seasoned writing skills, and produces a potpourri of the fantastic. These nineteen stories are sure to amuse, bemuse, and entertain.

His stories have been finalists for the Hugo and Nebula Awards, and widely anthologized. From 1990 to 1991 he worked full-time with Stanley Kubrick on story development for the movie A.I., now directed by Steven Spielberg, for which Watson has screen credit for Screen Story.

Cover art by Ron Walotsky.

Cloth, ISBN 1-930846-09-6
Book #19

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