". . . most of these stories turn expertly upon a gasp of epiphany, the recognition that in undreamed-of futures, galactic deeps or a neighboring cornfield lies undeniable truth about what makes us human."
Publishers Weekly

No American writer during the 1990s has published a more distinguished bibliography of first-rate science fiction than Robert Reed. In the title piece, a renegade misfit conquers the dragons and renews the threat of nuclear chaos aboard Springplace, a man-made repository for old reactor cores, dirty plutonium, and dismantled bombs. Another story is a sprawling intergalactic epic that takes place aboard a starship. Salvaged and commandeered by humans, the massive generation starship becomes the setting for a titanic struggle between two alien entities who engage in a monumental battle for survival.

Featuring cover art by Hugo-winner Bob Eggleton.

"Ingenious yet disciplined . . . and resolutely inquisitive, providing no easy answers or easy questions, either."
Kirkus Reviews

Cloth, ISBN 09655901-6-X
Book #4

Out of Print!

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