"[Lupoff's] books and stories . . . display not only his intelligence and perceptivity, but also the grace and charm of his wit, the skill of his narrative technique, and the exemplary individuality of his ideas. That is to say, he's a damned good writer."
—Robert Silverberg

Just imagine . . . A Japanese detective trapped in the ice caves of a Jovian moon . . .
An exiled ex-king involved in a lurid murder plot . . .
A lost adventure of Sherlock Holmes as written by Jack Kerouac . . .
A world in which the Roman Empire never fell, and "modern" Romans travel to Mars by spaceship . . .
A computer scientist whose guilty imagination turns horrific images to reality . . .
All these and more spring from the fertile imagination of Richard A. Lupoff, one of the most versatile talents in the history of story-telling.

In "Green Ice," previously unpublished, unassuming and shy Mr. Ino is assigned to recover a missing extraterrestrial artifact, believed to have originated on Europa. His investigation takes him to that strange worldlet with its surface of icy ridges and its mysterious liquid interior. In "A Freeway for Draculas," the power of imagination radically changes the world, and not for the better. The perfect book "sting" is described in "Whatever Happened to Nick Neptune?" where the perils of being a too-avid collector are illustrated. A most peculiar visit to the bathroom and its ramifications on the safety of our sun yields "Stream of Consciousness." "The Devil's Hop Yard" is a sequel to H. P. Lovecraft's classic "The Dunwich Horror," and it conveys some sense of the iconoclastic audacity that attended the initial publication of Lovecraft's work. In "News From New Providence" the Duke and Duchess of Windsor are portrayed in a chilling alternate history, neither flattering nor unlikely.

Embellished with brilliant illustrations by Nicholas Jainschigg, Claremont Tales II is a refreshing delight to any reader jaded by the sameness of modern fiction.

Cloth, ISBN 1-930846-07-X
Book #17

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