From Library Journal:
". . . this volume of short fiction illustrates Lupoff's breadth of talent as a storyteller."
—Copyright 2001, Cahners Business Information, Inc.

Richard A. Lupoff is not restricted to any particular genre; his stories include Sherlock Holmes-like mysteries, alternate universes in fast-forward, a Walter Mitty-ish escape into software, Cthulhu Mythos tales, the price of eternal life, book collecting in the distant future, a gambler that faxes Lady Luck, and detective work on a Martian moon. There is also a linked pair of short-shorts, that are almost autobiographical in nature, which deal with a writer's first professional sale, and then shifts to fifty years later. The first of these was written in 1952; the latter is seeing its first publication herein. The common denominator of all these stories is the care that Lupoff employs in crafting his short fiction; he carefully varies his style to fit to the tale, adds color and detail to both the characters and the surroundings, demonstrates his skill of the narrative technique, until one is lost in the storybook worlds of Lupoff. In his Foreword, Lupoff explains how a work of fiction should transport readers from their world to the world created by the author. This collection represents the vehicle for travel to the many varied and colorful worlds of Richard A. Lupoff.

No one says it better . . . and this is just one of the twelve stories!
" 'Discovery of the Ghooric Zone' is not just a distinguished Mythos tale; it is the only Mythos tale I have ever encountered by an author other than Lovecraft that conveys some sense of the iconoclastic audacity that attended the initial publication of Lovecraft's work . . ."
—Jim Turner, long-time editor of Arkham House Publishers, Inc.

As an added bonus, each story has its own illustration, created by cover artist Nicholas Jainschigg.

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Book #11

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