About Golden Gryphon Press

Golden Gryphon Press was founded in 1997 by Jim Turner, the long-time editor of Arkham House, with the mission to publish handsome, quality books of short story collections by today's master writers and tomorrow's rising stars.

Upon Jim's untimely demise in 1999, my wife Geri and I assumed operation of Golden Gryphon Press, and are continuing publication. We do this for two-fold reasons: to honor Jim's legacy, and because we appreciate good books.

It is said that one should not judge a book by its cover, but epicures also say that a meal begins with the eyes. Golden Gryphon Press books are a pleasure to behold, with their always striking cover art; to hold, as they are crafted using the finest material and techniques; to own, as the alkaline paper will retain its quality for decades; and finally, to read, as each story is very carefully considered and edited before it is included.

Gary Turner
October 1999


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