"As sentimental and emotional as this book can be, let’s not forget that there are cyborgs and time travel. And the book winds up with an exciting finish, complete with car chase, guns a’blasting, and super-human men doing things that make one feel this should get the cinematic treatment complete with kick-ass special effects on the big screen . . . The Angel in the Darkness is both fun and heartbreaking. It may be only a novella, but it delivers the goods.
— Mervius, Fantastica Daily

"Quiet desperation" just about sums up Maria Aguilar's life. She is underpaid, overworked, and burdened with other people's responsibilities. Then things take a turn for the worse.

An apparent ghost begins stalking her, leaving clues to a long-buried mystery and hinting at the existence of an all-powerful, time-traveling Company somehow involved with her family. Before she learns the truth, Maria will need all her courage and strength . . . and the help of the Angel in the Darkness.

The Angel in the Darkness is Kage Baker's newest tale (nearly 30,000 words and more than 75 pages) of the Company, that secret cabal of scientists and investors who use time-traveling immortals to help them reap the benefits of the past. But all is not well within the Company, and this tale portends events to come in the growing conflict among the immortals themselves.

Kage Baker's first collection of Company stories, Black Projects, White Knights, sold out its entire initial print run of 3000 copies in just four weeks. That's right, 3000 copies sold in four weeks! At only 500 signed and numbered copies, The Angel in the Darkness is sure to sell out even more quickly. So don't hesitate another day — order your copy now!

With wraparound cover art by J. K. Potter and Jennifer Potter.

Praise for Kage Baker's first Golden Gryphon Press collection:
". . . Black Projects, White Knights is perfectly balanced between light and dark, humor and seriousness. The moral and ethical questions raised have bite without being didactic. . . . Like Iain M. Banks in his Culture novels, Baker displays an adroit sense of style and a stunning imagination."
— Jeff VanderMeer, author of City of Saints and Madmen

Limited Trade Paperbound Edition of 500 Signed and Numbered Copies
Chapbook #III

Out of Print!
Please contact gryphon@goldengryphon.com for availability information.

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